What does ac tune up include?

Check electrical connections and adjust them as needed. A set-up of the air conditioning system consists of a complete inspection of the boiler and the central air conditioning system. If a technician detects a problem, they'll adjust it and let you know. During an air conditioning set-up, an HVAC specialist ensures that all components of the air conditioning system are working properly.

So what's the best HVAC set-up schedule? We recommend scheduling the maintenance of air conditioning systems at least once a year. If you've never programmed one before, you might be wondering what a tune-up of an air conditioning system means and what to expect. HVAC Pro checks the air temperature in the duct system to ensure adequate heating and cooling. When an HVAC specialist performs routine refrigeration maintenance, they inspect and clean the visible condensate line and drain of the HVAC system.

When looking above the drain line, pay close attention to any cracks or holes in the drain line that could lead to leaks in the HVAC system. An HVAC professional will clean and tighten all thermostat wires, replace the filter, and clean the air conditioning condenser and its condenser coil. Keep in mind that if an HVAC contractor completes refrigeration maintenance in less than an hour, this is probably not an in-depth evaluation. An HVAC professional who tests the efficiency and functionality of the electrical components of the air conditioning condenser.

House Pro Houston has been providing full HVAC and air conditioning maintenance services for years in Houston, Texas. You can schedule a tune-up service with House Pro and keep your air conditioning system in top condition for more than a decade. The age of your air conditioning system is an important factor in its performance, and if it doesn't keep up to date, you'll have to pay high energy bills. If there is any company that can offer you maximum customer satisfaction with regard to set-up services in Houston, that is it ours.

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