What are the 10 factors to consider in performing preventive maintenance?

Set goals for the preventive maintenance plan. Make an inventory of the facility's equipment and assets. Preventive maintenance is, without a doubt, a fundamental component of any maintenance strategy. It's key to reducing maintenance costs, reducing equipment downtime, improving asset life and efficiency, and increasing workplace safety.

Such actions will result in wasted time and, in other cases, in unintentional and avoidable harm where previously there was none. Regardless of the term your department uses, this approach involves establishing a preventive maintenance program to carry out regular inspections of equipment, especially those that could have a serious impact on production in the event of a breakdown. In addition, be careful not to overdo it with simple preventive measures, such as over-salting parking lots in winter, over-lubricating machinery or over-scheduling the number of safety walks your employees must take, for example. Reactive maintenance costs much more in the long run than a solid preventive maintenance strategy and integral.

If there are unique considerations for equipment, your preventive maintenance plan should include steps that recognize those characteristics, in addition to what is described in the OEM manual. A comprehensive preventive maintenance program helps extend the life of your equipment, keeps your assets operating properly and efficiently, and can ensure that all essential preventive maintenance tasks are performed in a timely manner.

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