Do hvac need tune-up?

To help your air conditioning unit and all of its moving parts work as they should, we recommend scheduling a minimum of one annual set-up. This service, which is sometimes described as “cleaning and checking,” is best done in spring, before the cold season begins. You should program your HVAC system settings once or twice a year, depending on how old your system is. If your system is five years old or older, schedule two adjustments per year. If you have a newer system, an annual set-up will suffice.

Many homeowners don't think twice about their heating or cooling system until something goes wrong. However, regular maintenance is incredibly important for a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to work well and be energy efficient. An annual set-up that takes place twice a year, once for heating and once for cooling, can help you enjoy greater interior comfort throughout the year. Most experts recommend tuning the air conditioner at least once a year.

In almost all cases, you should schedule the set-up for spring, just before the summer season, when you'll start using the air conditioning system regularly. Why repair an air conditioner every year? This way, the technician can clean the unit and correct any wear and tear that may cause problems during the hot summer months. In addition, an annual service will help extend the life of your air conditioning system. HVAC settings are planned maintenance for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They consist of an inspection and maintenance service that is carried out twice a year.

Keeping up with regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will increase the chances of it continuing to operate for about 25 years, instead of just 10 years. All other maintenance should be included in the flat rate offered by the air conditioning company, but it's worth asking them for a full summary of what their start-up service covers ready. If it's been a long time or you've never had your air conditioning system tuned up, there are a few things you can pay attention to that indicate it's time to schedule your maintenance service. Regular HVAC adjustments can help ensure that the system can meet the demands placed on it, extend its lifespan, and even avoid some costly repairs.

Programming regular adjustments to your air conditioning system can reduce the risk of a costly breakdown by up to 95%. Now think about how you would feel if you discovered that something is not working well in your air conditioning system, but the warranty is not valid because you have not properly maintained your air conditioning system. The smartest way to prevent your heating and cooling system from shutting down is to perform a regular HVAC inspection with heating and air conditioning service experts.

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