Is it necessary to service ac every year?

For air conditioners to maintain their best efficiency, annual adjustments are essential. Otherwise, your unit's efficiency may decrease by up to 5% each year. There are many things that can contribute to the decrease in the efficiency of an air conditioner. One of them is the accumulation of particles around the coils.

These filters stop debris in its path, but the filters are completely flooded in the process. The HVAC filter could be located in the return vents or it could be located inside the boiler. In spring, after the weather has warmed up, HVAC technicians program the settings of air conditioners so that they are ready for humidity and heat. And if you never do, the only time you'll call an HVAC contractor will be when your air conditioner breaks down, costing you a lot more money than a call from typical maintenance.

In the fall, HVAC contractors focus on the heating or boiler so that it's as prepared as possible for the cold. In short, you can expect an in-depth examination of your air conditioner, including a great deal of maintenance. In addition to the annual air conditioner maintenance appointment, you should equip your air conditioner with additional maintenance tasks throughout the year. If this is a problem or you don't remember it, ask your HVAC technician at your next maintenance appointment.

These are essentially agreements in which the customer agrees to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for specialized services. If you notice this affecting your air conditioning or other parts of your air conditioning system, it may be worth scheduling more frequent maintenance visits or paying more attention to your own maintenance and maintenance efforts.

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